St. Mary Church and German Village Photos

Why are the St. Mary's photos here and not on the St. Mary Parish web page?

The St. Mary web page is gone. In October when Father Lutz retired, Fr. Nguyen was named pastor. One of his first acts was to take down the long running St. Mary web page. Clicking on "" now takes you to the Corpus/St. Lads web page ( A little St. Mary information was added to that page. The great St. Mary's 154 year legacy was under attack.

After the St. Mary web page ( was revamped 14 years ago it had become a up-to-date vehicle for disseminating information to parish members and many others. In addition, thousands of photographs memorialized significant events in the life of the parish. Even a number of years ago, when Father Lutz was responsible for the three parishes (Corpus Christi, St. Lads, and St. Mary), the web page stood and St. Mary retained it's identity.

When I reported on Facebook about the obvious removal of the parish web page I was loudly verbally attacked by Fr. Nguyen who was extremely sensitive about my report that the St. Mary web page had been taken down. He was in some sort of denial. He told me multiple times that he was the pastor and demanded that I immediately remove the bean-spilling post. After I refused to remove my Facebook post (Deacon) Roger Minner told me in a email that he had removed me from the original Parish Facebook page, as "Father Vince requested". It was true. Sadly, after removing the St. Mary parish web page, Fr. Nguyen then removed both my Facebook post and me in a attempt to conceal the fact.

Because the photos on the St. Mary web page are mine, I have posted them on my web page which you can view via the links below.

How fortunate am I and my family to have experienced St. Mary's, starting with my maternal grandparents marriage there in 1909, to my mother's high school graduation in 1936, to my high school graduation in 1960, documenting with over a thousand photos the restoration of the beautiful church, and on and on to today. One young and upcoming priest and his lackey(s) will not demean or relegate to the back of the bus, the long and great history of St. Mary Parish.

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UPDATE: The old web page is rumored to return. No date announced.
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